Hip Hop - Queanbeyan

We have Hip Hop classes for many age groups for both boys and girls.

Hip Hop is possibly the most popular forms of dance, made famous by So You think You can Dance, Australia’s Got Talent, X Factor, Got to Dance and also the incredibly popular Step Up films.

Hip Hop is a form of dance that was developed as a direct result of dancing to Hip Hop music. DJ Kool Herc the pioneer in Hip Hop music invented the ‘break’ that started breakdancing and social dances in the 1970’s.

Hip Hop dance is ingrained in Hip Hop culture and here at EDA we promote the education of the original steps such as the Cabbage Patch, Roger Rabbit, Reebok, Smurfing, Steve Martin and many more. We also teach the popping and locking, waving and krumping.

As well as teaching the foundations of hip hop we also teach the Australian Teachers of Dancing Hip Hop syllabus that focuses on technique and the latest and innovative moves. It is an energetic and fun style of dance available for ages 5 and up.

Examinations are also available for students who wish to further their hip hop knowledge development.

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