Contemporary - Queanbeyan

Contemporary Dance (named Modern Dance in Europe and the USA) is an expressive and creative form of dance. It is an exploration of the movement of the body that sets it apart from commercial forms of dance. It has particular techniques that are explored through improvisation and often has complex themes, concepts and intentions imbedded in the choreography.

Here at EDA we study the techniques developed by the masters of Contemporary Dance; Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey and Lester Horton. These pioneers of Contemporary Dance shaped the development of this style through exercises that promote strong core muscle development, contraction and release, fall and recovery, long lines of the body, complicated floor work, counter balance and lateral movement.

Our program at EDA focuses on teaching the basics of the pioneers incorporating the latest trends and movements. Students have the opportunity to participate in examination to further develop their technique. For more information please follow the links.